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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Curriculum Intent: Subjects

We aim to provide coherent curriculum documentation that:

  • All stakeholders understand.
  • Can be easily reviewed and updated so that it remains relevant and fit for purpose.
  • Facilitates effective delivery.

To achieve this, each faculty details the following aspects of their curricula:

  • Purpose of Study: why the subject is an essential ingredient of our curriculum.
  • Aims: what pupils will know, and be able to do, as a result of studying the subject.
  • Curriculum-at-a-glance: what pupils will learn during each half-term of study.
  • Medium Term Plan: the Learning Journey, learning Challenge and Learning Consolidation for each unit.

Please click on the links below to view the documents for each faculty:

English and Media 




Modern Foreign Languages 

Business and Computing 

Creative Arts 

Performing Arts 

Please note: the performing arts curriculum covers our curricula for dance, drama and music.

Social Sciences 

Please note: The RS curriculum accommodates the locally agreed syllabus.

PE and Sport 

Learning Support 


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