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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Parent Voice

Parental Feedback

The Nottingham Girls' Academy collects feedback from parents on a regular basis and during parent/progress evenings. Parental feedback is vital and helps the Academy put measures in place to ensure parental needs are met where appropriate as well as ensuring students feel safe and happy.

Below are links to the last parental feedback the Academy has obtained. These will be updated as this year's Progress Evenings happen during the 2018/19 academic year.

Parental Feedback

Year 7

Click here to download feedback from the Year 7 Progress Evening in May 2019.

Year 8

Click here to download feedback from the Year 8 Progress Evening in June 2019.

Year 9

Click here to download feedback from the Year 9 Progress Evening in January 2019.

Year 10

Unfortunately there were not enough respondents for a true reflection; please contact the Head of Year for more information on this year group.

Year 11

Click here to download feedback from the Year 11 Progress Evening in December 2018.

If you would like to work with the Academy and share your views and ideas further, please contact us via and we will get in touch regarding our next Parent Voice meeting.  These are held each term to hear your views and ideas on how we can make our Academy even better.