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Updated 15 July 2020

The end of term is on Friday 17 July. Pupils will not be set any additional home learning beyond this time

Welcome to the NGA...

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All you need is an Internet browser...

Students can access resources and apps to continue their learning by logging into Airhead by clicking the Open Cloud Desktop link below or visiting

The usual school email and password is all that you need to log in successfully.
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Your teachers will set your work through Microsoft Teams.
  • Log in to Teams via the link to airhead above using your school log in details.
  • Go to each of your class Teams to see what your teacher for that subject wants you to learn.
  • Complete the tasks that have been set.
  • Most of the time, you will have a 2 week window to complete the work.
  • You should pace yourself and do a little bit from each subject each day.
  • Click on the guide below for more help.

  • Year 11 and 13 pupils will not be set work. We will be in touch soon to help you prepare for next year. See Year 11: Next Steps page for more details. 
Live Lessons

Home Learning remains the predominant form of education that we are able to provide at the moment. We know it is far from ideal, but if your daughter has not really been engaging in the work in Teams, I would urge you to encourage her to start and talk to us about any difficulties you are having. 

To try and help improve the experience further we are planning for teachers to offer some ‘live’ lessons over Teams from Monday 22 June

Lessons will be 30 minutes long and, initially, we are aiming for pupils to have one lesson per fortnight in each of their subjects. Some may be able to offer more. 

To avoid clashes for pupils, their teachers will schedule these based on the timetable pupils were following when they were in school. They will select one of the slots for that subject from the timetable and invite pupils to the lesson via Teams. 

Lessons will involve questions and answer sessions, sharing of documents, discussion about the work that has been set and recap of previous work done in lessons before lockdown, 

There is no expectation that teachers have their cameras on, although some might choose to. Pupils will not be able to have their cameras on, but they will be able to ask questions through the microphones or by using the chat option to type questions and responses during the meeting.

Most learning will be done online

Where possible, the tasks will be done online in MathsWatch, Seneca Learning or GCSEPod.

This will allow you to get immediate feedback about how you are doing and help on what you might be finding hard.

It will also allow teachers to track your progress.

If you need help, you can use the class Team to send questions to your teacher.


We understand that not everyone has access to a laptop or tablet so all learning should be manageable on a smartphone... or good old pencil and paper!

The latest updates about the government's Free Laptop scheme can be found on our  Laptops and 4G page. 

Help with work

For those of you struggling to complete the work your teachers set you we are trying to do a number of things to help:

  • If you need help with the work she should contact her teacher through the class Team.
  • Mr O'Leary is available in the Home Learning Support channel in Teams every day from 8am to 9am and from 3pm to 4pm. You can either speak to him live at these times or leave a message in the Teams chat for him to respond to.
  • Our teaching assistants and mentors are contacting some of you to talk you through the work one to one. If you normally get this level of support in school and feel you would benefit from a call, please contact our  SENDCo.
  • Nottingham City Council's Learning Support Team are also available to help. You can reach them through Facebook here: NCC Learning Support
Technical support

If your are having problems logging in or have forgotten your password, please email with your name and your preferred password.

Below are some other useful guides and links:

  • Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

  • Office 365

  • Seneca Learning

Guide for Pupils and Parents: 

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  • GCSEPod

Guides for Parents:

Guide for Pupils:


Enter your Nottingham Girls' Academy email address and password to access GCSEPod

And finally…

Our aim is to make this as purposeful as possible, whilst keeping it simple and flexible.

We know lots of parents are anxious about supporting their daughters do the work. If you can motivate them and encourage them (and nag them) to get on with it, we will try to provide the support they need.

Please be aware that lots of our teachers are also helping their own children with home schooling. Please be patient if you are waiting for a response to a request for help.

You can also access the NGA Community

Stay in touch with friends and teachers and the latest news in your year group channel within the Community Team:

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