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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Staying Safe

Everyone at Nottingham Girls' Academy wants to ensure that all of you receive the best education possible by creating and maintaining a safe, secure and positive climate for learning in a calm and purposeful environment.

To achieve this we:

  • Protect you from maltreatment
  • Prevent damage to your health or development
  • Ensure you are educated in a learning environment which is safe and caring
  • Take action to enable all children to have the best life chances.

All staff must take responsibility and be accountable for keeping you safe and promoting the your welfare. 

We believe that:

  • All of you have the right to be protected from harm.
  • All of you need to be safe and to feel safe in the academy.
  • All of you need support which matches their individual needs, including those of you who may have experienced abuse.
  • All of you have the right to speak freely and voice your values and beliefs.
  • All of you must be encouraged to respect each other’s values and support each other.
  • All of you have the right to be supported to meet your emotional and social needs as well as your educational needs – if you are a happy healthy sociable child/young person, you will achieve better educationally.
  • All staff can contribute to the prevention of abuse, victimisation, bullying, exploitation, extreme behaviours, discriminatory views and risk taking behaviours.
  • All staff have an important role to play in keeping you safe and protecting you from abuse.