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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Year 7

Mrs K Castledine-Casey - Head of Year 7 

Year 7 consists of 6 mixed-ability tutor groups:

  • 7 OBAMA KMG (K Megran, Science)
  • 7 HUSSAIN ATR (A Traylor, Technology)  
  • 7 ASHER-SMITH AGR (A Green, Science & D Hartshorn, Deputy Head of Year 7)
  • 7 WATSON LDO (L Downie-Tosini, Music & L Tyers, Dance) 
  • 7 CAMPBELL AMI (A McIlhone, Dance)
  • 7 SCOTT HKA (A Wickramasinha, Technology & H Kaur, Science)                                                

Year 7 pupils are organised into tutor groups and teaching groups and these groups function independently of each other. Year 7 tutors are highly supportive of the needs of the pupils who are making the transition into secondary school. The curriculum delivered during tutor time addresses a range of personal, social and current issues relevant to the age group.

Teaching groups are arranged to ensure each pupil is challenged sufficiently to achieve and even exceed their potential. All Year 7 pupils at the Academy participate in a varied curriculum which enables them to explore their various interests. Subjects offered are English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Humanities, Physical Education, Dance, Drama, Music, Religious Education, Technology and IT.

Providing opportunities are very important at the Nottingham Girls Academy and therefore a host of lunchtime clubs are available for pupils to attend, ranging from Science Clubs to Dance, Music and whole host of sporting activities.

K Castledine-Casey - Head of Year 7

D Hartshorn - Deputy Head of Year 7

M Heron - SLT Line Manager of Year 7