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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Meet the Team

Year 7 Team

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  Mrs Asher - Head of Year 

My interests:  My passions are dance and films. I have danced since I was 7 years old and teach ballet and tap every Saturday to 5 year olds and love it. I am obsessed with films and think not only are they the best form of entertainment, but they can teach us so much about people and places around the world. I also love animals and have a dog called Dooey. I would have a farm filled with animals if I could!

During lockdown: I tried baking, but it turns out I’m really not good in the kitchen!  I have been enjoying a lot of yoga and long walks with my dog that have been wonderful to clear the mind. I have also been catching up on all the films I’ve been meaning to watch and not had time to!

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Meeting and getting to know all the new year 7s, and finding out what your favourite films are.  I’m eager to watch you all enjoy your first year at NGA as you settle in and believe this will be a wonderful experience for us all.

  Mrs King - Deputy Head of Year 

My interests: I love to keep fit and spend time swimming and going to gym classes. I also like seeing my friends and often catch up with them over a coffee and a nice slice of cake! I have a dog called Percy and enjoy taking him out for a walk. I also have a son who is 4 and enjoy my time with him going to the park.

During lockdown:  I continued to keep fit and did a variety of exercise classes on my iPad! I walked Percy and enjoyed spending time with my son, playing in the garden and making lots of things with him.  I also did lots of work on my house as I had not long moved into it.

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Starting my journey at Nottingham Girls’ Academy with you all. Together we can learn new experiences and get to know each other as I support you all starting secondary school.



  7LGR - Miss Gratton

My interests:  Being a Performing Arts teacher, I love going to the theatre, cinema and dance classes. I have been dancing since I was 8 years’ old and the musical, ‘Singing in the Rain’, inspired me to take part in my first ballroom and Latin dance classes. Outside of dance, I enjoy baking, swimming and spending as much time as possible with my friends and family.

During lockdown:  I have missed seeing all of my friends and family so much and cannot wait to spend time with them again; however, we do see each other regularly through online quizzes. I have also been teaching myself how to knit, with very little success, and like many people, I made banana bread.

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Being able to hug family and friends and getting back into a routine. I am really looking forward to seeing pupils and staff at NGA again and meeting and getting to know everyone in my new form.

  7KFI - Miss Fisher

My interests:  Reading, watching films and listening to music - basically anything that celebrates creativity and expression. I have also recently taken up gardening which is something I would have never expected but I enjoy being outside and a little closer to nature!

During lockdown:  Aside from missing the pupils and staff at NGA ,I have been busying myself with lots of DIY - my biggest achievement was helping to build a fence! I have also been trying to spend more time reading and watching things that I wouldn't normally get the chance to. 

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Meeting my new tutor group and seeing how much you will all love being at NGA! 

  7KMG – Mrs Megran

My interests:  I'm not a particularly sporty person but I love cycling and take great pride in my bike. I love animals but don't have any pets myself so would be very interested to hear all about any pets that pupils in my tutor group have!

During lockdown:  I celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday!  This has meant that we've had loads of new toys to play with - her favourite being a wooden tea set. I haven't achieved much over lockdown and that's OK; I've just really enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with my family.

Next year I’m looking forward to:  I have always enjoyed working with year 7 as I love the high levels of energy, so I'm really looking forward to being a Year 7 form tutor. I'm also eager to watch and support, as you all settle in at NGA over the year.

  7LDO – Ms Downie-Tosini

My interests:  Music and singing and musical theatre! Being a music teacher, I have an incredible passion for playing music as well as listening to it and I truly believe that music has the ability to relax, stimulate and just take you on a magical journey! I also love gardening, reading and watching films with my family. 

During lockdown: I have really enjoyed spending precious time with my 11 year old daughter, Grace. As well as home schooling, we have been going on bike rides and getting lost which has been all part of the fun.  We got caught in a thunderstorm one day and got soaked through!! We’ve all had our birthdays in lockdown but, luckily, the zoo was open for Grace’s so we had a fun day out with the animals at Twycross.  

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Meeting my new tutor group and making sure you all settle in well at NGA, encouraging you to get involved in lots of clubs and make lots of friends. I will also be teaching some of you music so I look forward to welcoming you.    

  7NLA – Mr Lawrence

My interests:  Flying, judo, building my aircraft.

During lock down:  I have been shielding so have not done much other than watch most of Netflix.

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Being able to fly again

  7AGR – Miss Green

My interests:  Cooking, baking and looking after my 40 house plants. I have encouraged my friends to enjoy gardening too, including Mrs Asher!

During lockdown:  I have learnt how to cross stitch and tried lots of new baking recipes – my favourite is double chocolate brownies.

Next year I’m looking forward to:  Meeting and getting to know my new year 7 tutor group.