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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Managing Intolerant Behaviour

Intolerance of others is not acceptable in any form - verbal, written or physical - on the grounds of sex; race - including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; disability; sexual orientation; gender reassignment; marital status; maternity needs or age.

We aim to teach our pupils that intolerance is unacceptable by discussing and challenging prejudice through various aspects of our curriculum, including PSHE.

When specific examples of prejudiced behaviour are identified, we will seek to further re-educate those responsible through bespoke interventions - often using outside agencies such as the Police - as well as reinforcing the seriousness of this with a sanction (usually an exclusion.)

All instances of intolerance will be regarded as a safeguarding issue to be reported in CPOMs and the pupil may be isolated whilst the issues reported are investigated by SLT as soon as is practicable.

Where it is deemed appropriate, further sanctions will be applied to reinforce the seriousness of the offence.

CPOMs will be used to collate reports of intolerance on the part of an individual or group of pupils and the identification of persistence and entrenchment will ultimately put the offending pupil's school place at risk.


All and any Safeguarding Concerns (including those involving our Prevent Duty, intolerance, possible bullying or peer-on-peer abuse) must be recorded, as soon as possible in the separate CPOMs system.

Pastoral teams and safeguarding staff will investigate these, ensure incident records are updated and classifications are accurate and escalate to the relevant external bodies where necessary.

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