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Nottingham Girls' Academy

KS3 Assessment (STEPS)

At Key Stage 3, pupils are assessed using STEPs. 

For each subject there are levelled criteria for each of a number of key 'strands' - i.e. key knowledge or skill areas.

Teachers use their knowledge of pupils progress and performance in class, with homework, in their formative assessments (Learning Challenge) and their summative assessments (Learning Consolidation) to provide a level for each strand and thus calculate an overall STEPs grade.

In turn, this allows pupils to understand what they are doing well adn what they need learn next to be able to improve their STEPs grade.

The STEPS grade that a pupils attains by the end of Year 9 should be a reasonable indicator of the grade they are on course for at GCSE.

A termly STEPs grade is reported to parents along with at least one Parents' Evening for each year group.

Below are the STEPS assessment grids for KS3 students.